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Monday, November 07, 2005

My aim is to source your (and my) sexual needs. I'll do my best to keep adding and expanding this sex blog so please 'come' again - I'm sure you can!

So what have we got? Sex contacts for one thing. Whatever your tastes or desires you can find them for free, yes free, on either the
Adult Friend Finder or Sexy Ads web sites.

If you want sex (yes really!), or maybe email or phone sex the contacts are there. There again you might fancy threesomes or moresomes, whatever it's all for free. My friend joined them both, you need to register, and got around 60 replies. You can place an advert, with photos, or just search the many pictures of members. Oh yes,
Adult Friend Finder has 18 million members alone, so there should be someone for you.

Adult Friend Finder and Sexy Ads there are payment options but you can ignore these (if you wish) and have lots of fun for free.

There is also another place to meet sexy friends for free. This is Sexy Contacts where there are thousands of members waiting to hear from you.

What about free porn! Here are two websites that will give you what you want for free. The first is Amateur Porn For Free and the second is Join For Free. All you need is any current email address and that's it. No credit cards required. So there is no excuse for anyone not to join! Just think, with Amateur Porn For Free the website has: amateur photos, amateur videos, amateur webcams, amateur stories and so on and so on.

Do you like looking at sexy and nude photos? Come on you can be honest with me! If you do try popping along to
Do You Like My Nude Photo? They have lots and lots of photos of 'real' people who would like to contact you. What's more you can rate the photos 1 to 10.

Just go to the site and rate the first photo on view. Then click at the left of the page to say whether you prefer to see male (yes please!) or female pictures. Some are very explicit - erections and legs spread, so you have been warned!

Okay, moving on. Perhaps you prefer tasteful teen nude photos. If so the top teen models are at
Met Art and Met Models. For a free photo gallery from one of these websites please click here. If you prefer dirtier photos here's a couple of other free esxplicit photo galleries - click here or here.

Perhaps you are looking for BDSM or other Fetish partners? If so find someone on the largest (2.5 million members) BDSM personals.
FREE signup! Post a FREE advert with 5 photos. Or perhaps you want plain old romance and love! If so try You can join for free.

Just thinking about all of this sex available is getting me quite moist, to say the least. Thank goodness I've got some long lasting batteries - a good buzzzzz should sort me out.

Talking of batteries leads me on to sex toys such as vibrators, dildos and other such delights. A good source is the Sex Toy Warehouse. They also do all sorts of other sexy things. If you want to liven up your sex life, whether that's with someone else or on your own, give them a visit. You should see the John Holmes vibrator. My God, it's 12 inches long and 8 inches in circumference. It took me a while to get that inside me!

There are lots of links to the right of this blog. Click and have fun!

Jayne Smythe.

P.S. And if you want to make some extra money try reading How To Make Money With A Sex Blog. The full info is shown on how to get started in the sex blog business and, best of all, it will cost you nothing to start!

All you need is any current email address to register.
No credit card needed.
See amateur photos, amateur videos, amateur webcams,
amateur stories etc.etc.

Below are some Free Explicit Photo Galleries

Adult Super Star Flicks - See what they get up to!

Amateur Teen Fuck - She takes it anally, and enjoys it!

This lucky girl fucks two guys.

A very rude fascination with feet.

Free Image Hosting at
Nella from Met Art - Click on photo to enlarge